Do leadership surveys every change behavior?

LogoDear Ms. Corporate Manners,

We are required to take leadership surveys to evaluate our managers. Our managers will receive the feedback of our survey. No one in our office wants to be honest on our surveys. Our manager holds grudges and can be downright childish. I know the company wants to hear about problems employees may be having, but from experience, nothing is ever done or said. We are graded by secret shoppers and customer surveys. When the scores come back, the managers conveniently remove their scores when they are low. The ironic thing is they preach customer service yet break every rule when it comes to it. We get so frustrated because our managers come and go as they please, never working 40 hours, and handing off all of their responsibilities to other employees. I have had several customers ask if we even had a manager because they never see them. I just feel like if the company is going to ask our opinion then they should also listen to our concerns. 
Fed up with Surveys!

Dear Fed Up,
A company and its managers should be held to high standards, and the surveys help your senior leaders recognize good performance or identify ways to improve. If your goal is a better work environment, you need to be candid on your leadership surveys. If your leader receives a low score, your human resources department can work with your team to create a more positive and supportive work environment. If you are worried about the integrity of the process, why don’t you talk with your human resources department?
Ms. Corporate Manners

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