Respecting diversity; valuing Hispanic customers

LogoDear Ms. Corporate Manners,
I am in shock of the numerous employees I’ve heard make derogatory comments about our Hispanic customers along with the cleaning crews that come in at night and tidy up the branches. I can understand being upset if the office was poorly cleaned, but for some reason they always feel the need to address their ethnicity when complaining about them. The same ignorance can be seen by many co-workers that have to deal with a customer who either speaks poor English or none at all and is usually followed up by a “if they’re in the country they should speak the language” or something along those lines. I have news for all of them…..THERE IS NO OFFICIAL LANGUAGE IN THE UNITED STATES!!! This country is a melting pot and we as employees should be aware that we hold ourselves to a higher standard and should be providing OUTSTANDING customer service, regardless of race or nationality. Allowing one’s biased views to be shared not only makes the individual look ignorant, but it makes others feel unwelcome and unaccepted. Take a long look in the mirror before passing judgment. Sorry for the rant, I’ll climb off my soapbox now. 

Outraged By Ignorance

Dear Outraged,
Most successful companies have a goal to strengthen and maintain a diverse, all-inclusive environment. To bring divisive ethnic, religious or political issues into the workplace disrespects that goal, disrupts our relationships, our projects and the workplace itself. If someone discusses these issues in front of you, it’s best to be candid with that employee and tell him or her in a direct but kind and courteous way that our country was founded on the principle that all people were created equal, and you find their remarks offensive and disrespectful of our customers and employees.

Senora Corporativa Modales

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