Eating on a conference call and negative co-workers

LogoMs. Corporate Manners ponders conference call munchers and negative co-workers

Dear Ms. Corporate Manners,
I’m writing about something that is so gross and unprofessional. A woman was on a conference call with several of us, talking and eating at the same time.  While she was talking with a mouth full of food. I wanted to say, “Please stop eating and smacking in our ears.” What should I have done?

Dear Sickened,
You did the right thing by doing NOTHING.  Remember, there were other people on your conference call.  Since you couldn’t control her behavior, you took the high road by focusing on the purpose of the call and the other employees who were doing the right thing instead of making a big deal about the one who was doing something wrong.
Ms. Corporate Manners

Dear Ms Corporate Manners,
The people I work with are lovely people, but they have a serious problem with being negative at work.  It is stressful to come into the office and already people are in a foul mood.  It radiates off them and makes life hard on everyone around them.  I understand that we all have our bad days, but in our office it seems as if these days occur nearly three out of five days a week.  What can help to make them leave their rude, negative attitudes at the door?
Drowning in Negativity  

Dear Drowning,
Negativity is a real downer because it sucks away positive energy. You can’t change the people around you, but you can stay focused on YOU and make the best of the situation. If you find yourself feeling negative, practice gratitude by intentionally spend a few minutes thinking of something positive in yourself and in others around you.
Ms. Corporate Manners

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