Did you decorate your office this 4th of July?

LogoHello Ms. Corporate Manners, 
Where did patriotism go? Our office was told to cease and desist on all decorating. This meant we had no flags this 4th of July, and we won’t have heart window clings on Valentines Day, clovers on St. Paddies Day, pumpkins on Halloween or birthday decorations for our beloved co-workers’ special days. I’m very disappointed about this drab and sterile turn our company has taken. Customers loved it when we decorated or dressed up for holidays, and it made for a very enjoyable and joyful work environment. Shouldn’t the customers and employees have a say in this? 
Very Upset in Drab 

Dear Upset,
I imagine your customers appreciate your caring and fun spirit as much or more than the decorations. Now that the 4th of July is over, talk to your managers respectfully. If management continues to discourage decorations, maybe you and your co-workers could brainstorm some new ways to celebrate the holidays.
Ms. Corporate Manners

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