What to wear on casual Fridays?

Ms.MannersDear Ms. Corporate Manners,
When is it appropriate to wear blue jeans to work? What does business casual mean? Also, when is it proper to wear sundresses to work?
Prim and Proper in Memphis

Dear Prim and Proper,
When dressing for work, don’t dress for who you are but for who you want to be. That means dressing like the people do at the top of the ladder.  Business casual is a more relaxed look, but we ALWAYS need to project a professional image for our customers and co-workers. On casual Fridays and other times, study what the company leaders wear and use common sense.   Ladies, no mini-skirts, and no bare midriffs; clothing that reveals too much cleavage, too much back, too much shoulder or too much leg is not right for work.  If you wear a sundress, make sure it’s modest, and wear a light jacket or sweater to cover up in the office. Casual pants are fine for men and women, but not blue jeans. Men, you can forgo the tie, and wear a nice button down shirt with a sports jacket. No blue jeans, sweatpants, exercise pants or t-shirts displaying your alma mater’s logo.  On casual days, wear conservative athletic or walking shoes, loafers, boots, flats and leather deck-type shoes.  Athletic shoes, thongs, flip-flops and slippers are no-no’s. Given climate and fashion trends, we’re open to open-toed shoes for women, but please – if you show it to us be sure we want to see it.
Ms. Corporate Manners

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