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Holiday decor: How much is TOO MUCH at work?

Ms.MannersHello Ms. Corporate Manners,
Employees at our company have recently been told to cease all holiday decorating.  I’m very sad about this because I think our company is becoming so impersonal. Customers love it when we decorate or dress up for holidays, and it makes for a very enjoyable and happy work environment. Shouldn’t the customers and employees have a say in this? 
Holiday Blues

Dear Upset,
Many people (except Scrooge) love holidays, but your bosses also are responsible for maintaining a certain professionalism in the office. Going along with management can be YOUR holiday gift. I imagine your customers appreciate your caring and fun spirit as much or more than the decorations.
Ms. Corporate Manners

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When is it too tight at work?

Dear Ms Corporate Manners,
My fellow employee could use a lesson in clothing size. The person isn’t small, but she’s not large either. She has a tendency to wear clothes that are skin tight (pants and shirts), and they show every curve on her body. In fact, this week she wore pants that looked like it could cut her in half around the waist and a top that showed just how tight the waist was. A few customers have brought this up as well. We’re not sure how to bring up the dress code without it being obviously directed toward this person. Please help!!!
Next Size Up

Dear Next Size Up,
Your human resource manager should be able to discuss this delicate issue with the employee, especially since customers have commented on it. A too-tight look is never flattering and usually too revealing. There are very few legitimate jobs where wearing clingy clothing is a good career move, and your workplace is not one of them.
Ms. Corporate Manners

Dear Ms. Manners,
My coworker sometimes wears clothes that are way too tight. This is especially noticeable when she wears an outfit with buttons on it. This person is very committed to her job and wants to advance in the company. I am trying to find a way to approach her without hurting her feelings. Please help!
Sensitive Subject

Dear Sensitive,
It’s nice that you want to help, but if you aren’t a very close friend or her manager, please don’t. Since this is a sensitive subject, so it might be wise to keep your opinion to yourself this time.
Ms. Corporate Manners

P.S. It would be a kindness to compliment your coworker when she wears outfits that have a more flattering fit.

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