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Where do I put my name tag and lapel pin?


Dear Ms. Corporate Manners,
I wear a lapel pin and then put a name tag on at networking events. I never know which side to wear them. Any advice?
Don’t Have a Clue


Dear Clueless,
Place your name tag above the pocket on the right side of your shirt, blouse or blazer. That way people can make direct eye contact with you and your name will be in their direct line of sight when you shake hands. The theory is the eye travels up the right arm and focuses on the name tag attached to the right shoulder. Wear your lapel pin on the left side of your jacket. According to the United States Flag Code, an American flag pin represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing. Therefore, it is worn near the heart. Happy mingling!
Ms. Corporate Manners

Be tweet

LogoDear readers,
What if your company is hosting a corporate event in one of your nicest conference rooms? All your customers are there and even people who heard about it and are there for liquor or free food. Everyone wants to network. Instead of going around the room having great conversations to build your business, you stand in a corner, avoid looking anyone in the eye, ignore everyone’s presence, and just start talking to yourself – about yourself.

Who would act like that in real life? Don’t be that way with social media either. Be tweet, remember basic etiquette. Social media is not about talking about yourself all the time. It’s about connecting with potential and real customers as well as other friends. And, like in real life, you need to listen twice as much as you talk. As my mother used to say, that’s why we are born with two ears but only one mouth!

Happy tweets,
Ms. Corporate Manners

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