Ms. Corporate Manners

According to Christine Pearson and Christine Porath, who interviewed 9,000 managers and workers to write a book called “The Cost of Bad Behavior,” 50 percent of employees decrease their work effort after experiencing ongoing rude behavior. I developed a blog to combat such behavior called Ms. Corporate Manners and became trained and certified to teach business etiquette and international protocol by The Protocol School of Washington, the leader in business image coaching, etiquette and protocol services. I also am a proud partner in the Envision EDGE program – visit http://www.envisionedge.com/about.html.

Here’s what I learned from writing the blog and from teaching business etiquette classes. What insures a successful college or job interview or what makes or breaks a corporate culture seldom involves major issues; it also necessitates addressing the small things that happen everyday in a working environment. Business etiquette is the leadership skill that can give you an edge over a competitor who may be just as smart. This blog is a forum to answer questions about soft skills in the workplace – or anyplace!  If you live in or near Memphis, Tenn., and are interested in on-site etiquette classes or have etiquette questions, email Penny@MsCorporateManners.com.

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