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Ms. Corporate Manners, can you keep a secret?

LogoDear Ms. Corporate Manners, 
Just wondering if you can tell me if we can ask you about things that bother us about co-workers, and to try to get advice on how to handle things. Also, I know that when I have read other posts from you, people’s names are not used, and I just want to be sure that my name is not revealed to others.
Ready to Scream

Dear Ready,
This column is confidential, so scream away.
Ms. Corporate Manners

Just who IS Ms. Corporate Manners


Dear Ms. Corporate Manners,

What are Ms. Corporate Manners’ credentials? Is there a separate Ms. Arbiter of Taste? 


Phil from Philadelphia

Dear Phil,
Because this blog is so efficient, I am both an arbiter of taste and an expert on corporate manners.
Ms. Corporate Manners

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