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Be tweet

LogoDear readers,
What if your company is hosting a corporate event in one of your nicest conference rooms? All your customers are there and even people who heard about it and are there for liquor or free food. Everyone wants to network. Instead of going around the room having great conversations to build your business, you stand in a corner, avoid looking anyone in the eye, ignore everyone’s presence, and just start talking to yourself – about yourself.

Who would act like that in real life? Don’t be that way with social media either. Be tweet, remember basic etiquette. Social media is not about talking about yourself all the time. It’s about connecting with potential and real customers as well as other friends. And, like in real life, you need to listen twice as much as you talk. As my mother used to say, that’s why we are born with two ears but only one mouth!

Happy tweets,
Ms. Corporate Manners

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The “poop” on texting on the toilet

Ms.MannersDear Ms. Corp. Manners,
It seems that every time I go into the bathroom now, someone in the other stall is texting on a cell phone (or on occasion TALKING!) I find this disturbing and unsanitary, to say the least. Aren’t bathrooms considered part of the workplace environment where cell phones are not allowed?
Potty in Peace 

Dear Potty,
A recent study says that 75 percent of Americans admit to using their smartphones while on the toilet. In a survey of of 1,000 people, the marketing agency 11mark found toilet texting, shopping or surfing the Web is particularly popular among 28 to 35-years-old, with a reported 91 percent of that age group admitting to the habit. Among those 65 and older, however, only 47 percent admitted to using their mobile devices on the toilet.

Yes, toilet texters are incredibly annoying. (Can you imagine being on the other end of THOSE calls?) But we can’t control other people’s behavior, only our own. Mind your own (toilet) manners. Think kind thoughts as you go about your own (toilet) business. And remember, earplugs cover a multitude of sins.
Ms. Corporate Manners

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Your emails should mean business, right down to the signature.

LogoDear Ms. Corporate Manners:

I have noticed that several employees from different departments do not have a signature line with their title, phone and fax numbers. This makes it difficult to communicate with them other than email. If an urgent need arises it takes extra steps to locate the employee in the directory and then make the phone call. How can we get everyone on board, including back office folks, with creating a signature line with contact infoSincerely, 

Burning Daylight

Dear Daylight,

We are a business, and our emails are an extension of that business. Simply put, we need to send emails that are appropriate for both internal and external customers. That includes appropriate signatures. If you go Outlook Tools, then Options, then Mail Format, you can set up a nice signature that includes phone numbers and other information.

Be businesslike when using fonts and colors. Bright pink cursive signatures are a big no-no as are colored backgrounds, spinning logos and moving graphics. Be careful about putting quotes, proverbs, jokes, etc., in your e-mail or after your signature. If you are going to put a title after your signature, make sure it’s accurate and not self-appointed. Ask your manager if you are unsure of your title.

Ms. Corporate Manners: Phone Number Unlisted

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